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Posted by Josh Baty on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 12:34 AM

Clarit Water Technologies is where the experts learn about water treatment!Welcome to the Clarity Water Technologies, LLC official blog. 

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In this, our inaugural blog post, we wanted to start the New Year inviting an open dialogue that begins to answer the question "Who is Clarity Water Technologies?"  It is our intention to use our blog as a meeting place where contributors may freely exchange information, insights and innovations regarding the water treatment industry.  As our blog grows, it will become a useful resource not only for people in the water treatment industry, but also for the consumers that use the services of water treatment professionals.

Clarity Water Technologies, LLC was formed in 2002 by a group of expert water treatment professionals that had previously worked for some of the biggest water treatment companies in the world.  Their rationale for starting Clarity was born from a noticeable void in the water treatment industry – no customized water treatment programs designed and administered by trained experts at an exceptional value.  For, although the big companies that they had worked for provide excellent training and continuing education in the water treatment field, they were notorious for turnover of personnel, primarily on the front lines of their organization – the sales team.  They were also slow to react to customer needs because of the natural bureaucracy and red tape created within any large organization.

The net result was that it became increasingly difficult to do the right thing for their clients.  Creating Clarity Water Technologies changed all that, and started a decade-long process of redefining what the water treatment business should be and educating the CEOs and facility managers throughout the east coast.  They were interested in learning how big water treatment companies were possibly taking advantage of the fact the water treatment is a generally confusing science to the lay person and therefore it is easy to spend too much or invest in technologies that are not exactly necessary.

Today, Clarity Water Technologies, LLC is a full service water treatment chemical and service provider that focuses on giving the very best value to the middle market.  Clarity water treatment professionals are considered to be some of the best of the best in the industry with many years of hands-on experience.  We treat cooling towers, boilers, closed loops and waste water systems as well as offer many other niche chemical-related services including CIP (clean in place) chemistry, tower and coil cleanings, drain tracing services, LEED certification credits and water treatment related consulting.  Clarity provides chemicals throughout the United States that are produced in ISO 9000 facilities to exacting standards. Clarity is the only source for the EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers powered by Smart Release Technology, which is an advanced dry chemical delivery system that is safe to handle and is extremely accurate at delivering specific doses of cooling water chemicals to a cooling tower while still being environmentally friendly enough to also qualify for LEED credits.

Besides offering high quality products, over the years, the partners of Clarity have succeeded in assembling one of the most highly trained and experienced water treatment teams on the east coast.  When it comes to water treatment, there is little that we have not seen.  Please subscribe to this blog to learn more about water treatment; we plan on covering tons of water treatment related hot topics.  If you have a specific water treatment related question, and need immediate help, or are interested in joining our team, please use this website to reach out to us or contact us any time at (888) 616-3545.

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